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There is a better way, PowerPay

PowerPay. We have brought collecting outstanding money right into the palm of your hand. We have created a personal, device driven system that talks. Great communication is key to relationships and collecting funds from customers.

We understand that things happen. Sometimes your customers need more time to pay, and if provided with customisable payment terms, they are not only more likely to pay, but more likely to remain a client.

Our market leading software could not be simpler to use, is incredibly effective* (we collect more than 350% more than debt collectors in a fraction of the time), and reduces the headache of collecting funds almost in its entirety.

The benefits.

90% reduction in time utilised to collect outstanding money.

350% increase in the amounts collected* (as opposed to a traditional debt recovery company).

Incredibly simple, mobile based technology across any device.

You set the rules! – Each business can set minimum amounts they will allow a customer to pay and the maximum timelines they will accept for payment at the click of a button.

Clients appreciate it – No more blocked numbers, no more getting hassled for payment. Just a simple, discreet system that can be run between business and customer 24/7.

Stop giving away your money.

Collecting money from clients is not a task that a business owner will enjoy. It takes time, often presents a difficult conversation between business and customer and does not often lead to repeat business with your clients.

Clients ignore calls, debt collectors are slow and hassle your clients - creating angst, people make empty promises and all of this take time. Even great clients have short term cash flow issues. 

Contact us today.

Stop giving away a huge % of your money to debt collectors.

Stop allowing these companies to contact your clients and drive them away.

Stop paying huge staff costs to recover outstanding money.

Contact us today for a no obligation review of your current business and let the results speak for themselves.