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Stop stressing.

Received a message from PowerPay? Great! We are here to help.

PowerPay is all about change. We genuinely want to help each, and every person get on top and stay on top of their bills, cash flow and budgets. 

Are you behind on a few payments because another bill came in?


Did you forget to transfer money into your bill account?

Do you just need help to set out a manageable amount to pay each week to clear things up?

There is a better way, PowerPay

The solution.

PowerPay let's you determine your repayment schedule. On your terms.

PowerPay has developed a powerful, simple, and personal way for you to set a payment amount and frequency that suits your budget. Until now, most businesses are inflexible regarding how much you can pay, and how regularly you make payments. PowerPay let’s YOU set the amount, frequency, account and time you want payments to be taken to make sure you get back on top and fast

The benefits.

Nothing feels better than being out of debt and in control. We know PowerPay is a game changer. Here’s what our users say:

No more constant phone calls and blocked numbers.

Simple, easy to use mobile based solution.

Fully customisable payment amounts and dates.

Gets you back on track and back on great terms with our chosen merchants.

Do you know a business that would benefit from allowing their customers to pay by more manageable instalments?