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PowerPay. For Everyone. 

Keeping up with the countless payments, bills and outstanding amounts is a difficult job. The never ending cycle of repayments, debt and overdue items can be totally overwhelming! 

Managing and getting on top of outstanding amounts is a difficult job that MUST to undertaken with care and consideration. It should always take someone's personal circumstances into account, and should be flexible enough to ensure MUTUAL success over the long term. 

After all, we all need a little help every now and again when things get tough!

We know there is a better way. Say goodbye to endless phone calls, reminders, missed calls and letters don't work. Shipping your client off to a debt collect may mean you don't see them again! Even great long term clients can have short term cash flow issues.

Welcome to the world of innovation that is PowerPay.  

We believe that great relationships start with great communication.

We know things happen and we are here to help. We work with absolutely anyone who is owed money (or would like help paying it back!) PowerPay provides a technology driven, mobile friendly solution that allows business and their clients to work together to settle outstanding amounts in a completely private, discreet and manageable way. Not only that, it is fast, simple, personalised to you and your business, and means no more difficult phone calls.


Just a 3 step process to get clients back on track, and cash flow back into business.


PowerPay is here to stay.

We are changing the game and there is more to come. We will make a significant difference to all by offering a simple solution that really works.

The future is bright too! Our game changing initiatives in the world of how people borrow money, make repayments, manage cash flow, communicate with each other, record agreements and generally deal with money and loans is about to change forever. 

Don't just repay it. PowerPay it.

Not just another debt collector.

10 years ago, the first concepts of a debt recovery alternative were being muttered in the back office of what is today one of the largest non-bank lenders in Australia.

Success was never going to be assured rather there were trials and setbacks along the way to finding a better solution to collecting late and missed payments. Previously, any debt that got to 30 days went to their nationally recognised debt collection agency. The result, at best, was underwhelming. 


They felt that the way people were using technology and the way people were communicating was changing, and fast. They knew many businesses were in a similar situation, fast losing touch with their customers’ needs and communication habits. 

Things needed to change.

The adversity they faced only made them grow stronger. PowerPay had been modernised and moulded into the unique solution that enabled a 350% increase in monies they collected.

Working on their own solution they tried out different communication styles, times, frequencies and methods and by early 2016 the non-bank lender while being tested under the weight of mounting bad debt, late payers and payers that wanted to pay but just didn’t have the capacity had begun the commercialisation of a successful internal program that was coined, PowerPay!

The lender knew that their customers were the lifeblood to their survival, they also knew how difficult and expensive it was to first gain the customers trust and even tougher to retain them in a very competitive marketplace. It was imperative to create a stronger relationship with their customers.

Better results were needed.

10 years on the owners never imagined that they would reinvent late and missed payments. In the initial stages there were some key requirements that the business could not do without, these were:
  1. Maintain or improve the relationship they had built with their customers

  2. Decrease or at bare minimum maintain their current business costs

  3. Obtain more revenue than what their previous predecessors had been able to achieve

Put quite simply, the PowerPay solution will strengthen your relationship with your customers, enable you to reduce your staff overheads as the entire system requires no call centre staff to make or accept phone calls and significantly increase your bottom line.

You have nothing to lose and little to no disruption in your current business process, try out the PowerPay solution today, you will not look back.